Yijing Readings Available

    I've been away from doing personal readings for a couple of decades now, but working towards a much deeper understanding of the Yijing text in Chinese. I'm just now beginning again to do one-on-one consultations.

    These will be by Skype only and will examine a single casting for a single question. I'm also interesting in doing personal tutoring hourly in this same format, including classes with more than one student. For a short time I will be charging a relatively minimal "practice" rate of US$ 25 per hour, payable through the Paypal donation buttons on my website.

    By way of a general caveat: I'm not a psychic or a fortune teller. Neither have I ever asserted anything about the Yijing that Skeptic Magazine wouldn't approve. My background is in philosophy, psychology, linguistics and science in general. Potential clients should expect readings to be more like counseling sessions than a sideshow act. No tricks. My facility is in understanding the Yi text as multi-dimensional metaphor and getting these metaphors to speak to specific questions and contexts.

       You can contact me here to make arrangements:

       Bradford Hatcher <hermetica.info@gmail.com>