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Lao Zi (LZ)

LZ Links

Laozi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dao House... Laozi
Laozi's Dao De Jing
LZ Translator's Resources, Arthur Hummel
Laozi (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Laozi (Lao-tzu) | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

LZ Translations

Lao Tzu (175Translations of Ch 1)
Tao Te Ching (Daode jing) English versions - Terebess Asia Online (TAO)
DDJ Translations
Your Dao De Jing - a new book.
LZ, tr. Legge
LZ tr Legge, Dao De Jing - Chinese Text Project
LZ, tr. Nina Correa
LZ, tr. Moran, bilingual,
LZ, tr. Yutang/Waley/Chan (Mixed)
LZ, tr Sanderson Beck
LZ, tr. J.H. McDonald
Tao Te Ching tr Legge, Susuki, Goddard

LZ in Chinese, UTF-8, Matrices

Dao De Jing, Comparison of 6 Chinese Redactions
Dao De Jing - Chinese Text Project
LZ Translator's Resources, Arthur Hummel
LZ Zhongwen
LZ Zhongwen GIF Text Only
Tao Te Ching - Yellowbridge
Wang Bi Laozi Commentary 王弼老子注_拙风文化网
Laozi w/ Wang Bi Commentary 老子道德經王弼注
HeShangGong text 道徳眞經註河上公章句
LZ Heshang Gong (Das Tao Te King von Heshang Gong)
LZ Fu Yi Redaction (Das Tao Te King von Fu Yi)
LZ Mawangdui A (Das Tao Te King von Mawang Dui - Text A)
LZ Mawangdui B (Das Tao Te King von Mawang Dui - Text B)
LZ Guodian(Terebess Asia Online)
The Guodian Laozi

LZ Articles

Rethinking the “mystical” in the Dao De Jing « Warp, Weft, and Way
Tao Te Ching, article by Darkchilde
LZ Commentary & Translation, Anonymous
LZ DC Lau Comments
The Life of Lao Tse
Laozi Timeline

Zhuang Zi (ZZ)

ZZ Links

Zhuangzi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Dao House... Zhuangzi
Zhuangzi (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Zhuangzi [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
Grand Inspiritors: Chuang Chou

ZZ Translations

ZZ tr. Legge, The Texts of Taoism (3)
ZZ, tr. Burton Watson, Complete
Zhuangzi, Dao Is Open, Nina Correa's Translation
ZZ tr Lin Yutang, Terebess Asia Online (TAO)
ZZ Trans Lin Yutang Excerpts
ZZ Trans Patricia Ebrey Excerpts

ZZ, Chinese Texts

Zhuangzi - Chinese Text Project

ZZ Articles

Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice
Zhuangzi Analysis Hansen
Zhuangzi as Relativist-Skeptic
Chuang Tzu's Chaos Linguistics

General Daoism

Daoist Translations

Daoist Scriptures
Dao Is Open Website Sitemap
Index of Terebess Asia Online (TAO)

Daoist Chinese Texts

Daoism - Chinese Text Project
Pre-Qin and Han - Chinese Text Project

Daoist Bibliography

Daoist Bib Vassar
LibraryThing, Bao Pu
Journal of Chinese Philosophy Aims & Scope
Hong Kong Journals Online
Chinese Philosophy in PhilPapers (Volunteers Needed) « Warp, Weft, and Way

Daoism - Broad & Link Pages

Taoism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daoism (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
Daoist Philosophy | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Daoist philosophy - Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy
The Golden Elixir: Taoism and Chinese Alchemy
Neidan and Waidan: Taoist Alchemy
Taoism Initiation Page - Online Teachings for Home Study and Practice
Taoism - Resources
Daoism (Taoism)
AAR Daoist Studies Group 道教研究
Dao House... of discourses and dreams
Open Directory Taoism
Daoism Depot
Daoism Art Gallery
Daoism - Chinese Classics Links
Daoism Literature - Weitere /

Daoist Forums & Blogs

Discussions - alt.philosophy.taoism | Google Groups
Tao Speaks
Cook Ding's Kitchen
Bao Pu 抱朴
Forum: Warp, Weft, and Way
Taoish | Spiritual but not pretentious

Daoist Philosophy & Articles

Huang-Lao - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Classical Daoism – Is There Really Such a Thing? Part 1 « Bao Pu 抱朴
Chad Hansen's Chinese Philos Page
The Status of Lao-Zhuang Daoism
A Daoist Theory of Chinese Thought
Philosophy of Mind in China - Hansen
Philosophy of Language in Classical China
Wu wei (Non-Action) in Daoism - Hansen
Wu-Weifarer's Daoist Quotes
Ethics of Daoism and Mo-zi by Sanderson Beck
Nietzsche and Asian Thought - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Daoist Philosophy

Daoist History

Dao House... Early Daoist History
Dao House... Later Daoist History

Feng Shui, CA, TCM

Chinese astrology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Feng shui - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Traditional Chinese medicine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chinese Literature & Classics

Chinese Studies Links, Classic Anthologies

Chinese Culture: Texts
Wengu - Chinese Classics
Warp, Weft, and Way
Links, East Asia
Online Chinese Literature
Chinese Classical Literature
Sino-Platonic Papers: news archives
Hong Kong Journals Online
Internet Guie for Chinese Studies - Literature
Moran, Misc, Asian woks

Chinese Classic Texts

Chinese Text Project
All texts - Chinese Text Project
Ancient Classics - Chinese Text Project
漢達文庫 CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts) Center
Chinese Text Project Dictionary
Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive, Pre-Qin
Chinese Philosophical Etext Archive, Song-Qing Texts
Chinese Classics Links - Heidelberg
Index of Chinese Classis, Philosophy
Text Parallels, Chinese Text Project


History Timeline
Shang Dynasty 商
Zhou Dynasty
Zhou Dynasty 周
Qin Dynasty
Qin Dynasty 秦
Han Dynasty
Han Dynasty 漢
Song Dynasty
Song Dynasty 宋
History & info - the Chinese calendar

Confuse Us & Confusion Doctrine

Confucius - Wikipedia
Chinese Text Project
Kongzi Lunyu Zhongwen B5
Kongzi Zhongyong Zhongwen B5
Kongzi Daxue Zhongwen B5
Kongzi Xiaojing Zhongwen B5


Mengzi - Chinese Text Project
Chinese Text Project
Mencius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Works of Mencius

Sunzi, Bingfa

The Art of War - Chinese Text Project
Sun Tzu - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Art of War by Sun Tzu (tr Giles)
Sun Tzu Art of War Strategy Site by
Sun Tzu The Art of War and Strategy Site.
Sunzi, Zhongwen

36 Stratagems

Thirty-Six Stratagems - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Secret Art of War (36 Stratagems)


Book of Poetry - Chinese Text Project
Shi Jing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Shang Shu - Chinese Text Project
Classic of History - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zou Yan

Zou Yan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sima Qian on Zou Yan

Chun Qiu, Zuo Zhuan

Chun Qiu Zuo Zhuan - Chinese Text Project
Zuo Zhuan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Spring and Autumn Annals - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chinese Literature - Chunqiu-Zuozhuan
Zuo Zhuan - Readings in the Zhouyi


Guanzi - Chinese Text Project
Inner Training
Ethics of Legalism, Qin Empire and Han Dynasty by Sanderson Beck


Liezi - Chinese Text Project
Liezi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Lie Zi [Lieh Tzu]


Wenzi - Chinese Text Project
Wenzi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Huainanzi - Chinese Text Project
Huainanzi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Huainanzi 淮南子 Preliminary Bibliography
Chinese Literature - Huainanzi 淮南子 (
国 学网站 — 原典宝库--《淮南子》 Huainanzi, Chinese Text


Mountain Songs
Tang Poetry - Zhongwen
Li Bai - Wikipedia

Chinese Language


Google Translate (for Comic Rlief)
Bing Translator
World Lingo Translator
Chinese Dictionary (Primer) - Wikipedia
Wenlin Institute Store
Main Page - Wenlin Guide
Grammata Serica Recensa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Thesaurus Linguae Sericae - Home Page
Thesaurus Linguae Sericae - Bibliography - TLS Texts
Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants 教育部《異體字字典》主畫面
Chinese Text Project Dictionary
Chinese Etymology Home Page (Uncle Hanzi)
Chinese Character Dict, Unicode
Chinese-English Dictionary
MDBG Chinese-English dictionary
Radical/strokes lookup - MDBG Chinese-English dictionary
Character dictionary - MDBG English to Chinese dictionary
Learn Chinese @YellowBridge
YellowBridge Chinese Character Dictionary
Yellowbridge Chinese Dictionary: Online Chinese-English Dictionary
Zhongwen, Chinese Characters
Zhongwen Dictionary Web
Zvon Character Search
Kangxi Zidian - Chinese Text Project


Shuowen Jiezi - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chinese Literature - Shuowen Jiezi (
Shuo Wen Jie Zi - Chinese Text Project

Chinese Language Learning Links

Wenlin Institute Store
Main Page - Wenlin Guide
Marjorie Chan's ChinaLinks -
Learning Chinese Online Page
Chinese Romanization Guide
Chinese Characters
Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard
On-line Chinese Tools
Chinese Tools - converters, dictionaries, annotation, encoding

Reading Online, Chinese Software, Fonts

Unihan Database
Using Chinese in Java
Wenlin Institute: Software for Learning Chinese

Chinese Bookstores & Libraries

Chinese Bookstores

Yes Asia Chinese Books
Frelax - Chinese Books&DVDs

Chinese Libraries

The Harvard-Yenching Library Homepage - Welcome
Chinese Collection - Harvard-Yenching Library - Harvard College Library
CUHK Library Catalogue Main Menu