Briefly - Haiku and Bumper Stickers

Copyright 2009, 2016 Bradford Hatcher


Spun my big cocoon
Waited all the long winter
Still a freakin' worm

Discussion is done
A circle of empty chairs
Now makes perfect sense

Weeds for a garden
Tin can house - not suffering
My birds sing: Caw! Caw!

Dead winter silence
Rose petals crash to the floor
The mouse clomps around

In the Autumn snow
Five new foot tracks - cryptic runes
Of human purpose

Oh, lovely Goddess
Would that breezes of eros
Lift thy metaphor

Atop Mt. Wilson
So proud to be so high up
Sat in eagle poo

Found my female side
Shaved it, made it smell pretty
Guys do nothing right

Like a barnacle
On a great ship - I'm THIS close
To being captain

Bumper Stickers

Left Wing, Right Wing, Same Chicken

Humming Being

Compromise: Some Evolved, Some Never Did

Honk if You Love Geeses

The Rainbow IS the Pot of Gold

Prohibition Organizes Crime


Spirit is a Verb

Democracy: Mob Rule in Slow Motion

Democracy: Peer Pressure Writ Large

Majoritarianism is Mediocracy

Authority is for Authors