Cognitive Hygiene and the Fountains of Human Ignorance

Work in Progress, Research Stage
Tentative Working Outline, 6-22-17

Amathia - the Deliberate Kind of Stupid
Would a Rational Being Think Man a Rational Being?
Why Critical Thinking Hurts Our Stupid Feelings
The Why of Ignorance and Delusion
Science and Other Paths to Cogency
False Dilemmas
Native Limitations
Cognitive Dissonance

Lifelong Learning

Towards a Taxonomy of Anti-Cognitives
1. Native Domain - Evolved Heuristics and Capacities
2. Accommodating Domain - Apperceptive Mass and Bias
3. Situational Domain - Problems, Cheating, and Stress
4. Emotional Domain - Relevance, Value, and Resentment
5. Sensorimotor Domain - Music, Arts, and Movement
6. Intra-Personal Domain - Self-Schema and Ego Defense
7. Social Domain - Belonging, Consensus, and Them
8. Linguistic Domain - Nativism, Relativity, and Coevolution
9. Cultural Domain - Ideology, Persuasion, and Noise
10. Metacognitive Domain - for the Kids and the Dults

Appendix 1 - Cognitive Biases
Appendix 2 - Coping Strategies
Appendix 3 - Defense Mechanisms
Appendix 4 - Logical Fallacies

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