Roberts     Rapp

Work and Business Related Links


Specializing in affordable and green construction,

Custom homes, Planned unit developments

As-builts, Inspections, Technical reports

Mitigation plans, Small project management

McLaren   Grogan



Bradford Hatcher

330 W. 7th Ave.

PO Box 613

Nucla, CO, 81424

(970) 864-7530 (9 AM - 9PM MST)




Job History, Land Use Planning Skill Set, Education, References



A larger selection of project photos on a 13 page pdf

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A small selection of residence photos on a 1 page, 1mb pdf

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Rates and Work Authorization Form

A current breakdown of alternative price structures

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Sample, blank. What they look like.

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Site-Built Affordable Housing

A 65-page booklet describing affordable construction practices

for the private sector and public-private partnerships to create

affordable housing in economically stratified communities


Regulatory Obstacles to Affordable and Green Construction

An essay about regulatory barriers to public objectives

which are set up by public enttities

NEW: Ecovillage and Intentional Community Design

Part One: Dimensions of the Challenge (under construction, late Spring?)
Part Two: Lexicon and Resource Links [14.1. On Screen]

    Part Two is a 100-page collection of links on a wide range of relevant subjects.