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Lao Zi zhi Dao De Jing [Skip Down]


Psychology's Primitive Tongues [Skip Down]
         With Hermetica Links and Bibliography

Buddhist Studies
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The Book of Changes: Yijing (I Ching) - Word By Word

This is not really a beginner's book, but serious beginning students can

still get started by concentrating on the Introduction (skipping the more

academic parts), the simpler Translation and Commentary, and the History

  Volume One   [Free 578 Page, Zipped, Read-Only PDF]   [How to Get the Book]


The Seventy-Eight Diagrams (2+4+8+64)


Notes on this Translation

Problems with Academia

The Structure of the Diagrams

Methods of Divination

List of Abbreviations

      Part One: Translation and Commentary

Introductory Notes

The Zhouyi and the First Four Wings of the Yijing

In Simple, Literal Translation

The Rogue River Commentaries

And Miscellaneous Notes

      Part Two: Xiao Gua: The Fourteen Small Symbols

Introduction to Scales

Er Yao, The Two Changing Lines

Si Xiang, The Four Emblems

Ba Gua, The Eight Trigrams

      Part Three: The History of the Yijing

The Zhouyi and Yijing

The Nature of the Yijing: a Speculative History

The DragonÕs Journey

A Yijing Chronology, by Dynasty


Appendix One: Lessons for the Scholars

Appendix Two: Humor in the Zhouyi

Bibliography and Acknowledgements [On Screen]

Index Keys

  Volume Two   [Free 508 Page, Zipped, Read-Only PDF]   [How to Get the Book]

      Part Four: The Dimensions


Correlative Thought

Gua Ming, The Hexagram Names

Gua Bian, The Hexagram Changes

Gua Xu, The Hexagram Sequences

Qian Gua, The Inverse Pairs

Pang Tong Gua, The Opposite Pairs

Jiao Gua, The Reverse Pairs

Hu Gua, The Nuclear Hexagrams

Shi Er Di Zhi, The Twelve Earthly Branches

Gua Xiang, The Hexagram Image

Ban Xiang, The Half-Images

San Cai, The Three Powers

Yao Wei, The Line Positions

Yao De, Line Character

The Patterns of the Xian Tian

Figures One through Forty

      Part Five: The Matrix Translation

Introductory Notes

The Zhouyi and the First Four Wings of the Yijing

In Matrix Translation, with the Chinese Text and Pinyin Pronunciation


      Part Six: A Zhouyi and Yijing Glossary




Characters Not in the Glossary

Most Common Words

Pronouncing Pinyin Chinese

Pinyin to Wade-Giles Conversion

      Bibliography and Index Keys

      Errata page. Versions before 09.4 are obsolete. [11.2, On Screen] 

Links [13.3, On Screen]

Yixue Bibliography - an ongoing, collaborative project  [Version 15.3  On Screen] Rev 3-15

Yijing Hexagram Names and Core Meanings  [Version 12.1,  On Screen]
       易經卦名和中義  Y“jīng guˆm’ng hŽ zhōngy“


Personal Yijing Readings Available  [More Information]



Lao Zi - Dao De Jing   (Lao Tzu - Tao Te Ching)

  [Free 265 Page, Zipped, Read-Only PDF]   [How to Get the Book]

  Section A - A Simple Translation   [On Screen]


A Simple Translation


  Section B - The Matrix Translation

Introduction and Search Tips

In Matrix Translation, with the Chinese Text and Pinyin Pronunciation

Common Variations in the Text

Guodian Index

  Section C - Glossary


Characters Not in the Glossary

Common Words

Phrases and Idioms

Pronouncing Pinyin Chinese

Pinyin to Wade-Giles Conversion

  Section D - Bibliography  [On Screen]

The Other Original Dao  [Version 12.8, On Screen]

            The Path, before Kongzi and Laozi Paved It.


  Lao Zi and Daoist Links   [12.12, On Screen]

Lao Zi (LZ)

Zhuang Zi (ZZ)

General Daoism

Chinese Literature & Classics

Chinese Language

  A Zhuang Zi Bibliography (Zhuangzi, Chuang Tzu) [15.4, PDF] Rev. 4-15

  A Huainanzi Bibliography (Huai-nan Tzu) [15.4, PDF] Rev. 4-15

  A Comparison Chart of Chinese Laozi Texts   [Go to: Dao Is Open]

Includes Wang Bi, Heshang Gong, Mawangdui and Guodian, with Pinyin & Tones.

This is a beta version. Webmistress will welcome corrections and suggestions.

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Psychology's Primitive Tongues: A Thesaurus of Occult Linguistics

The Development of Correlative Thought, Vocabulary and Grammar

in the Western Mystery Tradition

This is a future project and will begin with Kabbalah and Qabalah. I still have

dozens more books to read first. I am also soliciting further suggestions for both links and books.

And, if anyone has any good ideas for grants, donations, patrons, or a combination of these,

please advise. This work might not progress very quickly at all without some modest funding.

Abstract [13.5, On Screen]

Please read this before jumping to conclusions about this being a "new age" project.


Approaching these systems as languages, not metaphysics

A Kabbalah for Existentialists

A Qabalah of Pattern and Scale

Astrology Without Fate

NEW: Tarot as a Counseling Language: Core Meanings of the Cards
        [15.8, On Screen] About 300 pages in total. Saveable as an .htm page (save souce).
Other Patterns and Scales

The Real Alphabet: Phonetics and its Geometries

Preliminary Bibliography, Suggestions Welcome [14.8, On Screen] (Tarot Section Revised)

Links,Western Mystery Tradition or Western Esotericism [14.8, On Screen] (Tarot Section Revised)

* References (Search Engines, Dictionaries & Glossaries, Encyclopedias, Sacred Text Archives, Bookstores
   & Bibliographies, Translators, Link Pages, Forums)
A- Introduction (Archetypes, Correlative Thought & Correspondence, Divination, Magickal Language,
   Mapping, Pareidolia & Apophenia, Self-Deception, Memes, Semiotics, Portmanteau Words)
B- Three Paths (Mysticism & Dakshina Marg, Middle Path Examples, Magick & Vama Marg)
C- Root Philosophies - Ancient (Zorastrian & Persian, Pythagoreanism, Pre-Socratics, Stoicsm, Plato,
   Aristotle, Babylonian & Hellenistic Astrology)
D- Root Philosophies - First Millennium (Neopythagoreanism, Alchemy, Hermeticism, Neoplatonism,
   Emanationism, Gnosticism, Other Rivals to Christianity)
E- Jewish & Hebrew Roots (Philo Judaeus, Shiur Komah, Hekhalot, Merkavah, Tanach, Apocrypha,
   Talmud, Sefer Yetzirah, Other Texts)
F- European Kabbala (Solomon ibn Gabriol, Isaac the Blind, Sefer Bahir, Azriel of Gerona, Nahmanides,
   Sefer ha-Temunah, Moses de Leon, Sefer Zohar, Abraham Abulafia, Joseph Gikatilla, Islamic Southern
   Europe, Chinese Connections)
G- Safed and Later Kabbalah (Joseph Caro, Moses Cordevero, Isaac Luria, Hayyim Vital, Nathan of Gaza,
   Baal Shem Tov, Rabbi DovBer)
H- Kabbalah Tree of Life (Glossaries, En-Sof, Tzimtzum, 10 Sefirot, Daath, Shekinah, Devekut, Shevirat ha
   Kelim & Qliphoth, Tikkun Olam, Aleph-Beth & Divine Names, 32 Paths, 4 Worlds, Partsufim, Parts of the
   Soul, Gilgul)
I- Hermetic Qabalah (Medieval Theurgy, Medieval Alchemy, Early Development, Rosicrucians, Theosophy,
   Golden Dawn, Crowley, Bill Heidrick, Jungian Psychology)
J- Qabalah Tree of Life (Versions of the Tree, Nothingness, Ten Sephiroth, Daath, Lower World, 22 Paths,
   Four Worlds)
K- Astrology (Planets, Artifacts, Signs, Houses & Ascendant, Aspects, Retrogrades, Transits, Horoscopes &
   Ephemerides, Precession, History & Traditions, Nonscience)
L- Tarot (General, Broad Themed, Link Pages, History, Divinatory and Occult Tarot, Astrology and
   Kabbalah, Playing Cards, Card Meanings, Trumps, Four Suits, Ten Numbers, Numbered Cards, Pip Cards,
   Court Cards, Reversals, Spreads, Decks, Articles)

M- Yijing (Links, Bibliography, Hexagram Names, Translation)
N- Patterns & Sacred Geometry (Geometric Forms as Symbols, Irrational Numbers)
O- Numbers & Scales (Spectra with Varying Scales, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16, 20, 22, 24,
   28, 32, 36, 40, 64, 78)
P- Alphabets & Phonetics (Alphabet Mysticism-Archaic, Phonosemantics & Phonosymbolism, Human
   Speech, International Phonetic Alphabet, Linguistics)



Buddhist Studies (all four sections are downloadable or save-able as htm files)

* Craving and Aversion as Addiction and Denial
        Buddha's Eightfold Path as a Step Program
[250 pages, version 13.12, on screen]

* An Outline of the Buddha's Teachings
        and Glossary of Buddhism's Basic Concepts [47 pages, version 13.5, on screen]

* A Bibliography of Buddhism (and Recovery) [version 13.5, on screen]

* Buddhist Study Links
        (with Addiction and Recovery Resources) [version 13.5, on screen]


Collected Quotations (Revised 2-15)

About 300 Pages, Version 15.2  [On Screen or a 300 kb  [Zipped html file]

Coming to Terms with Asperger's Syndrome

The Alien Point of View  [10.1, On Screen]  or   [34 page PDF File]


Haiku and Bumper Stickers

Revised 11.4 [On Screen]



NEXT: Notes for the Next Constitution (or maybe the one after that)
        (Should be ready by the end of June?
400 pages? )
For a zip file of the most current rough draft 5-24, click here.
This will explore ideas to incorporate into charters for new governments,
        many new ideas & many borrowed from constitutions around the world.

          Globally, new constitutions are written about once a year, and the U.S.,
        while it was the first (besides the Iroquois), no longer has the best model.

Ecovillage and Intentional Community Design
        Part One: Dimensions of the Challenge (Under construction. Part One
is on indefinite hold, until the project starts generating some useful feedback)

        Part Two: Lexicon and Resource Links [15.3. On Screen]
                    Part Two is a 100-page collection of links on a wide range of relevant subjects.

                    This will be revised infrequently, so expect some dead links. Suggestions welcome.    

NEW: Carrying Capacity  [9-page PDF article, 15.10. On Screen]. Revised 10-15-15
            Outlining six dimensions to the human population issue.


Site-Built Affordable Housing - A Primer

[Approximately 65 Pages, 08.2, On Screen]


Local Regulatory Obstacles to Affordable and Green Construction

[07.8, On Screen]

An Oncological Model of Government Growth. 

[Revised 08.3, On Screen]

                    Residential Design and Land Planning

 [Old Business Link, On Screen]





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